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Sea turtles are threatened by ongoing artisanal fishing, due to incidental by-ca...

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Sea turtles endangered by artisanal fishing in Tanzania August 19,2013   |  Source: KpopStarz

Sea turtles are threatened by ongoing artisanal fishing, due to incidental by-catch of sea turtles by fisherman in Tanzania, All Africa reports, despite efforts to conserve and monitor the threatened marine turtles in the country. Research and information about the marine turtles is lacking in Tanzania.

Sea turtles are considered a delicacy by many coastal communities. The Sea Sense Director, Ms Lindsey West exclusively told the "Daily News on Saturday" in an email interview that the sea turtles are protected under national fisheries legislation, according to All Africa.

But West said laws are not enforced effectively and trade in turtle products, such as meat, shells, oil, and eggs, is commonplace.

"There are also low levels of awareness in coastal communities of the important role of sea turtles in the wider marine ecosystem," she said.

Sea turtles also face another danger: coastal development. West explained that coastal development has caused the loss of several nesting beaches, particularly in Zanzibar. Foraging and breeding habitats are being compromised by illegal and destructive fishing practices such as beach seines and dynamite fishing.

All Africa reports that, according to the Indian Ocean - South East Asian Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding


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